• Item ID : 371
  • Collection Name : Holy Metropolis of Argolida
  • Type : Monastery
  • Year : 17th AD
  • Current Place : Hermioni
  • Description : The church of he Taxiarches it is believed that it was constructed above the ancient temple of the Goddess Demeter which is situated on the hill of Mylloi.
    The first written information about the church can be found on the Venetian census in 1696.
    which was ordered by the Venetians .
    The temple is connected with the inauguration of the Third National Delegate Assembly ( 1827 ) , which met in the neighbouring town of Kosmas Economou .
    The Christian inhabitants of Hermione unknown at what time, built their own church to honour the Archangels , which is believed they replace the sanctuary of Demeter .
    The old version of the Taxiarch cannot be seen today, because of the last century restorations, which, on the west as added a narthex and an elegant marble spire , while newer repairs corrupted the coatings and changed the old form.
    In the outer part of the sanctuary apse large boulders from an ancient temple can be seen and in one of them an inscription dedicated to the : “ King Sun ,” in inscribed.
    On the eastern side of the Archangels , several incorporated decorative panels have been installed.
    One of the decorative panels are devoted to royal weddings of George A, and the inscription: "God save the Royal maiden," can be read.