• Item ID : 364
  • Collection Name : Holy Metropolis of Argolida
  • Type : Temple
  • Year : c. 18th AD
  • Current Place : Ligourio
  • Description : The church s architectural type belongs to the inscribed cross-in-square type. Its a post-Byzantine church which on the west side a two-storey spire and a two-lobed bell-towers rises, which from small chiselled domes. Instead of columns the bell tower has two bases of ancient temple parts.
    The entrance to the temple , which gives the impression of a three-aisled basilica , and the entrance is on the south above of which it is configured hagiographic arched niche.
    The entire temple interior decoration is kept in good condition .
    The inscription above the entrance indicates that the church was built : by the “expense of people of the area and all, under the period of the Bishop Iakovou in the year 1701.”
    Higher than the church an hill, a small basilica stands on and is dedicated to the Taxiarches, and on its side walls, are depicted remarkable icons of the Taxiarches.