• Item ID : 362
  • Collection Name : Holy Metropolis of Argolida
  • Type : Temple
  • Year : c. 11th AD
  • Current Place : Ligourio
  • Description : The church of Saint John the Theologian is located near the village Palaiochori, near the ruins of a medieval castle.
    The layout of the church s structure initially can be found c.8th AD, and remains in that form until the 11nth c. AD. According to the church s architectural criteria its structure can be placed c. 11nth AD. It follows the inscribed layout with dome, and it is constructed with various types of masonry.
    The main entrance is on the west wall that which has been entirely renovated, while above the south entrance a small porch is formed.
    The inner surfaces of the walls are covered with masonry except from the sanctuary and no traces of hagiography can be found.