• The Crucifixion
  • Item ID : 36
  • Collection Name : Holy Metropolis of Zakinthos and Strofadon
  • Description : In the particular icon, the central theme is on a vertical axis dominated by the cross with the slumped dead body of Christ inclining on the right side of the cross. Christ’s head is bowed toward His mother. His eyes closed in death. His face displaces an esoteric peace, security and consolation. Blood is flowing from His nailed wrists and His nailed feet towards the cross ending to the rocky top. At the bottom of the Cross is an open cave and a skull appears. Tradition relates that this was the site of the first man, Adam’s grave. The figures postures shows intense and drama. Virgin Mary is shown with her hand touching her face in grief and the other hand rose toward Christ. She is the only woman having a halo around her head. John is shown head down; with one hand holding his mantle close to his body having his head slightly twisted and his slant eyes shows deep esotericism and lament.
    Longinos the Centurion has a hand raised and anger in his face witnessing the divinity of Christ. Black clouds are painted at the background symbolizing the mystical sorrow and depth.
    The sculptural figure of the Christ shows familiarity with western tradition, but the overall depiction affiliates to the Cretan School.