• Item ID : 353
  • Collection Name : Holy Metropolis of Argolida
  • Type : Temple
  • Year : c.12th AD
  • Current Place : Neo Heraio
  • Description : In the centre of the village stands the church of The Assumption of the Virgin. The construction of the church is dated around the begging of the first half of the 12th AD.
    Its layout belongs to the complex four column cross-in-square type, with dome. It has been build on ancient ruins , and to its masonry large parts of the ancient sill has been used in the construction of the church. Certain engraved inscriptions on the southern wall of the church give informations about the eclipses of the sun.
    A two lobed bell tower exists on the west side of the church hark back the centuries that passed by.
    Four large marble crosses have been formed on walls of the church, two on the west and south sides. The external decoration complement ceramic decorations over the doors and notched strip that runs the temple.
    Icons of the modern building of the Byzantine monument have not survived, the blackened candles walls have been painted in recent years by the craftsman who followed the standards of the Italian school.