• Item ID : 343
  • Collection Name : Holy Metropolis of Argolida
  • Type : Temple
  • Year : c. 10th AD
  • Current Place : Argos
  • Description : It has been built on the basis of an ancient building. In the church of the Assumption became the receptacle for the protagonists of the Greek revolution, who swore the holy gospel before the commencement of the Fourth National Assembly of the Greeks held in July of the year 1829. The church layout follows the well known cross-in-square plan with dome. It is mainly constructed using the nearby ancient rubble.
    Marble inscription built on the west side, indicates the renovation of the church in the year 1699, "for the cost of the state s rulers of Argos and all of the faithful people."
    The church is the only monument of the Byzantine era that survived intact in the city.
    St. Peter was buried in that place.