• Virgin Theotokos
  • Item ID : 330
  • Collection Name : Holy Metropolis of Limnos and Ag. Eustratios
  • Dimension : 22,5Χ17Χ1,9
  • Description : Virgin Mary is depicted in the type of Hodegetria, holding the Christ Child with her left hand while presenting his with her right. She wears a dark red maphorion rich in drapery and hemmed with gold band rich in chrysography around the borders.
    The three traditional stars are embellished in white color. Her tunic is colored in a light green color with ornamentations around the cuffs and the color.
    Christ Child is clad in a reddish cloak rich in white striations, and an ochre color tunic with highlights in a beige nuance.
    He is holding a closed scroll with his right hand while, blessing with his left.
    The colors of the icon are particularly vivid and modeled with subtle details.
    The pictorial execution of the facial characteristics of the Virgin exudes chastity and ascribed with a sense of entreaty.
    Christ Child facial characteristics are full of humbleness and monumental harmony.
    Virgin halo is incised with a double outline and punched dots, while the Christ Child halo brings a double incised outline engulfing a cross motif in red lining.
    The depiction of the scheme is harmoniously structured, the pictorial expressions are idealized executed and thus the icon can be ascribed to a master iconographer of the first half of the eighteenth century.