• The Nativity
  • Item ID : 33
  • Collection Name : Holy Metropolis of Zakinthos and Strofadon
  • Description : This icon represents the Birth of the Christ. The scene is centrally located taking place in a barren, inhospitable landscape. In the cave of a sharp mountain Virgin Mary is depicted kneeling with her both hands crossed in front of her chest, reverentially swiveling her face towards the newborn Christ Child.
    Angels, shepherds, magi, donkey and a flute player, each symbolizes a specific feature of the incarnation of Christ. On the lower part of the panel Joseph is depicted on a sitting position very skeptical, while an old shepherd supported with his crook accompany him.
    On the upper left side of the icon an angel emerging from the cloud is carrying the holy fact to two shepherds. On the same side but on a smaller scale the figures of the three magi are represented on horse backed.
    On the right side of the icon three more angels are depicted waist length, hovering around the clouds. They are glorifying the harmonious event.
    A special stylistic characteristic that is attributed to the Cretan school is the visualization of Virgin Mary in a kneeling position instead of the more common one that is depicted recumbent following the Byzantine stylistic tradition.