• Virgin Hodegetria
  • Item ID : 319
  • Collection Name : Holy Metropolis of Limnos and Ag. Eustratios
  • Dimension : 45X34X3,8
  • Description : A variation of the iconographic type of the Virgin Hodegetria. The icon has stylistic characteristics closely parallel to the established iconography of the Paleologan period (13th-14th century).
    Virgin Mary is depicted in bust length, and in frontal position, having her head slightly inclining to the right, towards the Christ Child. Her gaze though is directed to the viewer.
    She is clad in a crimson red maphorion rich in linear pleats of darker and wide brushstrokes. The hem of the maphorion around the neck and the shoulders, is gold, and brings the three traditional stars. She is wearing a greenish tunic with gold bands around the cuffs and around her neck.
    Her left hand is poised on Christ Child thigh, while she is holding him in her right arm. Christ Child is depicted wearing light-brown cloak, very rich in gold striations. He is wearing a greenish tunic. He is holding a closed scroll with his left hand, while his right hand is raised in a gesture of benediction.
    Hi head is uncast towards the Virgin’s head and he gazes directly to her.
    Their haloes are incised and punched with distinctive rosettes motifs. Christ Child nimbus is incised with indented outlines with cruciform finials.
    Certain iconographic variation employed in the particular icon, can suggest a dating of the icon in the 17th century.