• Saint John the Baptist (Prodoromos)
  • Item ID : 317
  • Collection Name : Holy Metropolis of Limnos and Ag. Eustratios
  • Dimension : 58Χ20Χ3,9
  • Description : Saint John is in full length, frontal facing and standing, not bearing wings against a gold background. His unkempt hair flows with plasticity to his shoulders and has a short bear. The frame of the panel is hollowed out so as to form a board that ends in an arched apse.
    His right hand is extended in a blessing gesture, while with his left he is holding a wooden rod that end in a cross, and an open scroll on which the verse: “REPENT, FOR THE KINGDOME OF HEAVEN IS NEAR.”
    Saint is clad in a green garment that reminds animal skin and a dark brown cloak richly rendered with drapes of darker shades and linear gold striations.
    He is represented standing barefoot, in a sharp rocky mountain peak. He bears a simply incised halo around his head.
    The iconographer does not follow the traditional depiction,-that is the saint carrying wings and the motif of the saint’s reverent head in the bowl.
    The stylistic representation of the saint’s general outline conforms to the stylistic treatment of a rather conservative iconographer. The icon can be dated in the 17th century.