• Wooden Cross - part from the church iconostasis
  • Item ID : 314
  • Collection Name : Holy Metropolis of Limnos and Ag. Eustratios
  • Dimension : 65Χ40,5Χ2,6
  • Description : The cross is a part of the iconostasis of the church. The Cross’s wooden frame is masterfully carved around the edges with pearl like reliefs, and foliate coiled rosettes that flanks the frame.
    The four arms of the cross are three-lobed decorated with curved flowers and trifoliate extremities. The symbols of the four Evangelists are depicted inside the template of the Cross.
    In the center of the cross and against a gold background and in front of the schematically rendered walls of Jerusalem, the Crucifixion scene is presented with dark colors and sparing light enhancing the dramatic event. The dead body of the Christ dominates the scene, with his head leaning on the left side of the cross, while he is clad with just a cloth around his waist.
    The painted cross is pictorial execution, assumes that the cross is emerging from the mountains of Golgotha. On the upper side of the cross the inscription: INBI is discernible.
    The hagiographer is influenced by the iconographic type and stylization of the Mount Athos hagiographers of the 16th century, which are affiliated to the great Cretan iconographer Theofanis.
    The ornamented curved anthemion at the outer edge of the cross’s frame, commits to a Cretan atelier, that invoke the style of the great Venice crosses (13th-14th century).