• The Great Deisis
  • Item ID : 312
  • Collection Name : Holy Metropolis of Limnos and Ag. Eustratios
  • Dimension : 36x26x6cm
  • Description : The subject of this icon, which is a section of the sanctuary screen, is dated around the second half of the 16nth century.
    It’s a two tier panel, representing the depiction of the Deisis in the first one and the presentation of twelve Apostles, presented half- length in the second one, following iconographic characteristics of the generic depiction of Great Deisis.
    Unfortunately only a part of the Apostles figures is preserved.
    In the centre of the icon Christ is depicted in the form of ‘Pantokrator’ (The Almighty), and just below him in an attitude of prayer, Virgin Mary and St. John the Baptist (Prodromos) are represented in solemnity.
    To the left side of the panel together with Virgin Mary, Apostle Peter is depicted preceding the rest of the Apostles, Mathew, Markus, Andrew, Bartholomew and Thomas.
    To the right side of the icon, together with St. John the Baptist; St.Paul is depicted standing in front of him. All the Apostles are holding the scrolls, the codes and they have punched haloes around their heads.
    Their faces are turned towards Christ, except St. Bartholomew, which his head is turned to the right and St. Andrew which he faces the viewer directly.
    In between them, a wooden carved pillar exists, while the laconic ornamentation of the icon is completed with flowers motifs.
    The iconographer follows the Byzantine aesthetic values of the Cretan School, rendering the figures with dark brown shading and white illumination.