• The Deisis and two Saint
  • Item ID : 301
  • Collection Name : Holy Metropolis of Ydra, Spetses and Egina
  • Type : Icon
  • Year : Beginning of the 19c. AD
  • Place : Idra
  • Τechnique : Egg tempera on wood
  • Dimension : 35 x 30,5 εκ
  • Current Place : Saint Athanasios church, Gourmadas
  • Description : Unfortunately the icon is not preserved and is in rather bad condition.
    It’s a two tier panel, representing the depiction of the Deisis in the first one and the presentation of two Saints, presented half- length in the second one. The Saints are depicted in the three-quarters form following iconographic characteristics of the generic depiction of Great Deisis that is, the saints are co -indentifying the martyrs.
    In the centre of the icon Christ is depicted in the form of ‘Pantokrator’ (The Almighty). He is surrounded, in an attitude of prayer, by Virgin Mary and St. John the Baptist (Prodromos).