• Saint John the Baptist
  • Item ID : 235
  • Collection Name : Metropolis of Mytiline, Eressos and Plomari
  • Year : 17nth century
  • Dimension : 102 X 61.5 cm
  • Conditions : Very good
  • Description : Saint John is depicted, full length, centrally located and against a gold background. His elongated figure stands in a three quarter position on a scar and almost barren landscape.
    The peaks of the light blue painted mountain, penetrates the gold background profoundly signifying the sacredness of the place.
    An animal skin rendered in blue color serves as a chiton, and a greenish himation rich in dark and white highlights are the only garments of the saint.
    Dark brown wings with elaborated red feathers decorated his back. With his left hand, holds an unrolled scroll, which the words: “THOU SEESTS, O WORD OF GOD, WHAT THEY SAY SUFFER WHO REPROVE FAULTS TO BE ABOMINATED. NOT BEARING REPROOF, HEROD EXECUTED ME. BEHOLD MY HEAD, O SAVIOUR”, which are partially not discernible at the beginning, are inscribed.
    His right hand extends in a gesture of blessing and gently pointing towards the left corner of the panel, in which Chris depicted amidst unfurled wings. Christ is depicted half length, looking towards the saint and giving his bless.
    On the lower side of the panel, near his ascetic type rendering, of his foot, a red bowl containing the head of the saint is painted as an evidence of his martyr death.
    The facial features of the St. John are rendered harmoniously prevailing emotional laconism. The manner of his hair is rendered- unruly, long and brown- is typical in depicting the saint. The tones and hues of the drapery suggest a master craftsmanship. The icon can be dated in the 17nth century.