• St Catherine
  • Item ID : 234
  • Collection Name : Metropolis of Mytiline, Eressos and Plomari
  • Year : 17nth century
  • Dimension : 36, 5 x 28cm
  • Conditions : Very good
  • Description : The princess Saint is depicted in full length, sitting on a gold richly decorated, backless throne and garbed in royal attire. She is centrally located among the attributes of wisdom and the instruments of torture. The icon reproduces the iconographic type of Sinai icon initially employed in the early 16nth century.
    A gold crown decorates her head, a royal cloak embroidered in gold imperial eagle motifs, and lined with ermine, interprets the iconographic tradition.
    Her facial features exude calm and nobility. Her head is slightly inclined towards the right side.
    Her right hand rests in front of her chest, while the other rests in the wheel of torture holding a palm leaf and a crucifix.
    The astronomical globe, the books stacked around her signifies the wisdom of her.
    Against the gold background an incised nimbus traced and flanked by the inscription: “SAINT CATHERINE”.
    The undulating posture of the body, the rich decorated garments indicate a dating of the icon in the 17nth century.