• Taxiarchs
  • Item ID : 192
  • Collection Name : Holy Metropolis of Mesogaia and Laureotiki
  • Year : 6th century A.D.
  • Place : Kalyvia
  • Description : The foundations of the church of the Taxiarchs (Archangels) in Kalyvia area are built on a sixth (6sth) century base. It is a one-aisled post-Byzantine Basilica with a wooden roof. Architectural marble parts and motifs are engulfed to the church’s walls. The small church has suffered from many historical upheavals especially during the Turkish occupation.
    Throughout its long life, the little chapel has undergone many alterations and additions. At a time it also used to be a monastery. In 1829 Lord Byron himself stayed in the monastery for a period of time, according to folklore.
    One of Attica’s most famous custom the “korbani’” or “korba,” (a sacred food), is celebrated in the church. In ancient times the “korba” replace the tradition of slaughtering an animal as a sacrifice to God.