• Incorporeal Saints
  • Item ID : 186
  • Collection Name : Holy Metropolis of Mesogaia and Laureotiki
  • Year : 13nth century A.D.
  • Place : Koropi
  • Description : The church is an excellent oeuvre of the Byzantine period. The church of the Incorporeal Saints has a cross-in-square plan, with dome, and roofs with tiles build in the c. 1300AD.
    The main entrance of the church has a tiled roof, with conical apse and is constructed with shingles.
    Above the main entrance, a window frame exists, but nowadays is closed by some plaster. The masonry is built in rather ponderous cloisonne.
    An addition was made in the recent years so as to host Christian events and meetings.
    The area that the chapel is located is a historical are since the ancient time. The exact location of the church can be found to the West in Filiatri or Fuvagia place.