• The Tranfiguration of Christ
  • Item ID : 185
  • Collection Name : Holy Metropolis of Mesogaia and Laureotiki
  • Year : 10nth century A.D.
  • Place : Koropi
  • Description : Amid greenery scenery, with a big tree in front, the church of the “Transfiguration of Jesus,” lies in a tranquil environment. For the local people is consider to be the church of “Salvation.”
    The architectural style is of the church is a masterpiece of the traditional Byzantine period. This can be attested by the layout of the church with the fine cloisonne in the masonry, the exo-narthex, the vaulted arched roof and the portal frames. The church is considered to be conservation monument.
    It is located a few kilometers outside Koropi’s most eastern end and harks back to the tenth century A.D.