• St Demetrios of Saronikos
  • Item ID : 181
  • Collection Name : Holy Metropolis of Mesogaia and Laureotiki
  • Year : 11nth century A.D.
  • Place : Koropi
  • Description : In between Koropi area and Kalivia, near Lagonisi
    Description: The church is one of the oldest chapels in Attica. It follows the typical Byzantine architectural layout, with one-aisle, tri-conch with dome.
    During the Turkish occupation the chapel had gone through various alterations, but fortunately part of the chapel’s Byzantine masonry remained intact along with beautiful frescoes inside.
    In all likelihood, the chapel belonged to a monastery. Some legends mention that the stones the church was constructed came from a ship that the Saint saved from a big storm. The sailors that were saved donate their shipload in order to construct a church in the area.