• Saint Apostles Peter and Paul
  • Item ID : 179
  • Collection Name : Holy Metropolis of Mesogaia and Laureotiki
  • Year : Post-Byzantine period
  • Place : Spata
  • Description : The church is dedicated to the Apostles Peter and Paul, and it is an important symbol of faith – “soul of the city,” to the inhabitants of Spata.
    The architecture of the church follows the cross-in-square plan, with dome, a representative Athenian style- that is the dome rest on two columns and on the two antae (jambs) of the church’s sanctuary.
    In 1997, during the construction of the new airport in Spata, the church had to make a small voyage, due to the configure of the airport. The project for moving the chapel was completed with great success without causing the smallest damage to the monument.