• Saint Dionysios silver relief
  • Item ID : 13
  • Collection Name : Holy Metropolis of Zakinthos and Strofadon
  • Year : Early 18nth century
  • Materials : silver
  • Dimension : 144Χ110
  • Description : Silver handmade relief of Saint Dionysios focal icon. The panel once covered part of the central alter (iconostasis) of St. Dionysios church. The figural depiction of the Saint is presented full-front sitting on a throne and surrounded by twelve scenes from his life and miracles as they are described in his vita book.
    The saint’s central figure is depicted claded with hieratical vestments and wearing a gold crown. The halo around his head symbolizes the brilliance of Divine light of the saint sacred life.
    He is holding an open scripted gospel rest on his knee with his left hand while blessing with his right.