• Pilgrimage of the Church of the saint apostle Andrew, Loutraki
  • Item ID : 126
  • Collection Name : Holy Metropolis of Korinthos, Sikionos, Zemenos, Tarsos and Polifegos
  • Place : Korinthos
  • Current Place : Loutropoli - Loutraki
  • Description : The church was founded c. 1345 by the Byzantine Emperor Ioanni Katakouzino in remembrance of the “pogrom” of Saint Andrew from the Roman soldiers.
    The building was heavily destroyed during the 1981 earthquake. Nowadays the church is still standing with the help of heavy jambs.
    Architecturally the church maintains its Byzantine style. It is build in the well known cross-in-square layout, it s is a three-aisled basilica with a dome and a cylindrical tympanum.
    According to certain references the church has a tri-part sanctuary that was ornamented with beautiful frescoes, which unfortunately have been destroyed.