• The Monastery of the Prophet Elias
  • Item ID : 117
  • Collection Name : Holy Metropolis of Korinthos, Sikionos, Zemenos, Tarsos and Polifegos
  • Place : Korinthos
  • Description : On the old road of Evrostias of Corinth at an altitude of 750meters, lies the monastery of Prophet Heliou.
    The katholiko of the monastery is basilica with five-sided apse at the sanctuary where a lobed window exists. Across the surface of shallow roofs one can see the elliptic arches. The two-aisle roof is tiled and the rest of the roof is entirely wooden.
    The Sanctuary of the main church has not been painted. However, the wooden temple is gold plated and kept in very good condition.
    Interestingly, the large portable icon of Lamentation, which is affiliated to the Russian style, is a donation of the national benefactor Gregory Maraslis from Odessa (1907).
    Under the monastery’s administration are the parishes of Saint Prokopios (Koufodasous), Saint Basil (Pepelitsas Tower), Kiato, et al.