• The Monastery of Saint Patapios, Loutraki
  • Item ID : 114
  • Collection Name : Holy Metropolis of Korinthos, Sikionos, Zemenos, Tarsos and Polifegos
  • Place : Korinthos
  • Dimension : Ύψος 6,50 μ
  • Description : The old holy hermitage over the years reconstructed as a temple. The stone temple (5 meter width and 30 cm), separates the sanctuary from the main nave.
    A third section stands in the background, which are the pits of the north side of the cave. The holy relics of the Saint are kept in a wooden casket in the cave - temple. The apse of the altar and the prothesis conch in the Sanctuary are carved into the rock.
    To the right side of beautiful gate, the whole area of the temple is covered by the icon supplication or tri-form. The Lord in the middle is depicted enthroned and flanked by Virgin Mary and His beloved disciple of John the Baptist.
    On the left side of the beautiful gate are shown in order, and in full length, Osios Nikon presented as young ascetic morph, Hosios Patapios which also was an ascet, beatified Ipomoni and Saint Hypatios ( Bishop of Gangra ) with their inscriptions.
    At the entrance, the depiction of the Second Coming "Project of informal art, naive, poor in colour, but warm an expressive, is dominating the place.
    This fresco has suffered the impious writings of visitors. Behind the partition, the deep pit was used for hidden oratory, where they were kept holy relics and holy ascetics.
    The founder of the new monastery – constructed around 1952- was Archimandrite Nektarios Marmarinos, Chancellor of the Metropolis of Corinth, and the monastic community of pious nuns, led by Reverend Isidora.
    The monastery is located in Perahora at an altitude of 1.057 meters.