• The Monastery of Virgin of Lehova
  • Item ID : 110
  • Collection Name : Holy Metropolis of Korinthos, Sikionos, Zemenos, Tarsos and Polifegos
  • Place : Korinthos
  • Description : According to Mr. A. Orlandos (1) opinion, the Katholikon – main church, it belongs to the traditional cross-in-square layout with an octahedral dome. The dome is supported by two columns, (pillars) consisting of two sculptured cylindrical vertebrae, and by two square built walls (piers), that serves as bulkheads in order to separate the sanctuary from the main nave.
    The nave, in its plan, is approximately square (7, 20 x 7, 25 m). East, in the Sanctuary, a triple arched externally and circular internally exists. The space is lit by four little windows of the dome and three little of the sanctuary.
    The monastery is dedicated to the Virgin Mary and celebrates twice a year, the Life Giving Spring (Easter Friday) and the appreciation of the Assumption (August 15).
    In previous years the monastery was a male one but, since 1946, however, the monastery became female.
    The Holy Monastery of Panagia Lehovo built in mountainous Corinthia at an altitude of 900m. In the eastern foothills of Mount Vesiza 25 km southwest of Kiato, sited between the villages Kryoneri and titanium.
    Ref.: An. Orlandos, “The churches of Tarsos and Lehovo,” “Archive Byzantine Monuments of Greece,” Vol. A (1935), p.95-98