CollectionsHoly Metropolis of Limnos and Ag. Eustratios

Saint Athanasios from Alexandria
Saint Nikolaos and Saint Charalambos
Virgin Mary ‘Hodegetria’
The Lamentation of Virgin
Christ ‘Pantokrator’ enthroned
The Great Deisis
The Virgin Mary Hodegetria
Wooden Cross - part from the church iconostasis
John the Theologian
Christ ‘Pantokrator’
Saint John the Baptist (Prodoromos)
Christ enthroned
Virgin Hodegetria
The Transfiguration of Christ
Saint Samonas, Modestos and an unidentified Saint
Saint Athanasius the Athonite
Saint Marcus the Evangelist
Saint Symeon the Stylite
Virgin Mary – Portaitissa
Virgin Mary Hodegetria
Virgin Hodehetria
Saint John the Theologian
Saint Charalambos
Virgin Theotokos
Wooden carved santuary doors
The Lamentation (Epitaphios Threnos)
Christ ‘Pantokrator’ enthroned
Virgin Mary enthroned and Christ child
Saint Charalambos
The assurance of Thomas/Believeing not doubting
The Entry into Jerusalem
The Descent into Hell
Virgin Mary enthroned and Christ child
Saint Marcus (Evangelist)
The three Hierarchs
Saint Charalambos