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Item ID: 9
Item Number: 9
Collection: Holy Archdiocese of Athens
Item Name: Saint Demetrius church-The Loumpardiaris
Item Type: Church
Item Rhythm: one-aisled arched basilica
Year: 9th century
Place: Filopappou
Materials Used:
Condition state: Very good
Current position: Philoppapou Hill- Acropolis

Description: The church is a one-aisled arched basilica, close to the Pnika and to the Filopapou monument. The initial building dates back to the ninth century (9nthBC), and multiple interventions and renovations took place since then, especially during the Turkish occupancy. In order to support the plate-made circular roof, two supportive crossbeams, one in the above the holy sanctuary and the one at the west facing entrance are incorporated. Two long arched beams support the north and the south side of the building. The extension of the western wall was added at a later time. The church was reconstructed by the well known architect Pikionis in 1955, which under his supervision the external wall of the church was decorated with ceramic geometrical patterns and marble slabs. During the reconstruction period, post byzantine frescoes were discovered which they were completely restored around 1987. An ancient pillar is used as a supportive mean for the Mensa Sacra, while two more can be seen at the courtyard of the church.