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Item ID: 6
Item Number: 5
Collection: Holy Archdiocese of Athens
Item Name: Saint Eleftherios church
Item Type: Church
Item Rhythm: tetrastyle , cross-in-square plan with dome
Year: second half of the twelfth century
Place: Monastiraki - Athnes
Materials Used:
Condition state: Very good
Current position: Metropoleos square- Athens

Description: The church dated to the second half of the twelfth century. It is located south of the Cathedral Church Athens ( Kathedrikos Naos of Athens) on Metropoleos square. It is also known as the Little Cathedral. The architectural type belongs to the tetrastyle , cross-in-square plan with dome. The side walls were built from large marble slabs from the ancestry. On the upper side ninety (90), reliefs taken from various historical phases ? Greek, Roman, Early Christian and Byzantine, are incorporated in such a way so as to simulate a frieze that flanks the whole church. The dome of this small size church reflects in perfect way the Athenian type. The external courtyard was used as a cemetery for the Benizelos-Paleologan families. This monument was dedicated to the Panagia Gorgoipikoos . In 1861, after an unsuccessful murder attempt against the King Otto, Queen Amalia suggests to rename the church to Saint Sozon . After the end of the Bavarian occupation, the church named Agios Eleftherios.