Collections Holy Metropolis of Servion and Kozani

Item ID: 261
Item Number: 20
Collection: Holy Metropolis of Servion and Kozani
Item Type: Architrave icon
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Year: c.1806 AD
Place: Kozani
Technique: Egg tempera on wood
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Description: The theme of Palm Sunday conforms to the established stylistic trends of the Byzantine iconographic elements, but to which they have added some details as novelties, along with stylistic elements that lends some trace regarding the the time the icon was created.
In the central axis of the composition Christ is depicted having a golden halo, sitting on the side of a white horse.
He is blessing with his left hand while he holds an open scroll with his right. Behind him the Apostles are depicted in a group. In the left side we can recognize Saint Peter with his white short hair and beard, and his apparel which is usually tan robe and blue tunic.
To the right side, in front of Jesus, small child pave with red fabrics the road on which rests the horse, while others climb on the palm trees and cut branches for the reception. The landscape behind the scene is emphasized and can be ascribed to three levels.

At first, left, pink rocky hills from where Jesus comes in second, right, Jerusalem with its strong walls and gateway to bound Jesus and the Apostles, and the third, in the background, beyond the city, a blue rocky landscape with palm trees is illustrated in a buff-colored desert horizon under a blue sky with small clouds that also serves as a background.
The inscription: “PALM BEARER,” (VAIOFOROS) is written in red letters near the top panel, on the left. The three films of the frame is similar to the image of the icon of “ The Raise of Lazarus.”