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Item ID: 243
Item Number: 1
Collection: Holy Metropolis of Servion and Kozani
Item Name: VIRGIN MARY “HODEGETRIA” (The One that Leads)
Item Type: Despotic Icon
Item Rhythm:
Year: 19nth AD
Place: Kozani
Technique: Egg tempera on wood
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Description: The Virgin Mary is depicted in the standard half length posture of the “Hodeghetria” type, which originated in the tradition of the archetypal picture painted by the Evangelist Luke. She is depicted against a bluish background.
This image is kept in the monastery of the “Odigon” (Leader) in Constantinople, which once was the Palladium. The slight inclination of the head towards the infant primarily featuring works of the late Byzantine period and less common in post-Byzantine. Little Jesus Christ blesses with his right hand while his left hand holds on his the knee a blue sphere. Above the head of the Virgin there is an inscription written in an open scroll which is hold two angels sitting in small clouds.

In the background of the icon and at the left corner, at the height of her eyes, in an elongated medallion that simulates metal baroque ornament, the inscription: M (ΗΤΗ) P- Θ (EO) , while right near to Christ the inscription: Ι(ΗΣΟΥ)C - X (ΡΙΣΤΟ) C, can be read.
Modern silver lining bearing the right hand and the halo of the Virgin.
A red band with gold cross, which bears floral motifs at the corners inspired by metalwork adorns the finish level of the image. The image is rendered in an atelier of Mount Athos.