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Item ID: 233
Item Number: 22
Collection: Metropolis of Mytiline, Eressos and Plomari
Item Name: St Demetrius
Item Type:
Item Rhythm:
Year: 17nth century
Materials Used:
Dimensions: 97 x x60cm
Condition state: Very good
Current position: CHURCH OF ST.GEORGE

Description: Saint Demetrius is depicted full length, against a gold background, wearing a rich military uniform, and mounded on robust brown horse. A dark blue cloak knotted around his chest, rich in darker highlights, accentuates the sense of freedom in the movement. The proportion of the figures is symmetrical around the centre of the theme, which is the saint itself.
The icon depicts a vitae scene of the saint, traditionally symbolizing his triumph over the Bulgarian Tsar, Ioannitsis. The miracle performed in 1207 in the outskirts of Thessaloniki, which then was captured by the Bulgarians.
St Demetrius holds the reins of the horse with his left hand, while spearing the Tsar Ioannitsis, depicted also in full military uniform and positioned beneath the horse.
The symbolic significance of the miracle is enhanced also by the barren mountain peaks, rendered almost linearly with sharp vertical lines.
The facial features of the saint are rendered in such a way that confronts to the traditional representation of him as a young, austere and noble man.
At the top and right hand corner of the panel, through concentric cycles of blue color, the hand of Christ emerge blessing the saint.
In red majuscules the inscription: “SAINT DEMETRIUS”, can be read in the upper right corner.
The devout inscription: “OFFERING OF THE SERVANT OF GOD, MICHALAKIS”, can be read in the upper left corner.
The stylistic and iconographic features of the icon, helps in dating the icon in the 17nth century.