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Item ID: 227
Item Number: 16
Collection: Metropolis of Mytiline, Eressos and Plomari
Item Name: The Blessed Virgin ‘Hodegetria’
Item Type:
Item Rhythm:
Year: 16nth century
Materials Used:
Dimensions: 100 X 68
Condition state: Very good
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Description: The Virgin is depicted in the ‘Hodegetria’ type. She is centrally located and bust length against a gold background. Christ Child is resting in her left arm, softly pointing at her with his right hand while holding a closed scroll with his left. He is clad in a bright orange color beautifully draped his body and a sky blue chiton richly striated in gold. Following the traditional features of this iconographic type, his facial features are of a grown man, his head frontally facing while he gazes slightly to the right.
Virgin Mary is clad in a wine red maphorion with black striations and a gold border around the head cover. The same blue color used in depicting the Christ Child’s chiton, is used to depict Mary’s tunic also. Her right hand is depicted gently pointing to the Christ Child in a presentation gesture.
The faces are modeled with the brown shade of the under paint, becoming lighter with the application of red highlights. Both figures are decorated with incised halos. Two angels in sitting position are painted in the top corners of the icon.
The general characteristics shared by this icon can affiliate the work to the 16nth century.