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Item ID: 1
Item Number: 1
Collection: Holy Archdiocese of Athens
Item Name: Transfiguration of the Savior- Kotaki
Item Type: Church
Item Rhythm: cross-in-square plan, with dome,
Year: first half of the 11nth century
Place: Plaka - Athens
Materials Used:
Condition state: Very good
Current position: Kithadithenaion st. PLAKA

Description: The church is dedicated to the Sotira Virgin, and it is named after Kotakis family, great donors of the church. The church was built in the first half of the 11nth century. It follows the cross-in-square plan, with dome, representative of the Athenian style, - the dome rest on two columns and on the two antae (jambs) of the sanctuary. This type is called Helladic because it can be frequently encountered on the mainland of Greece. On the East side of the holy sanctuary there are three semicircular apses, while the roof, forms a cross. The cross-shaped arrangement on the roof and the semi-circular apses on the eastern side of the building are the only remains of the original church. In the year 1908 new additions transform the church into a trihedral basilica with a dome. A new addition in 1971 took place, expanding the church's main building to the west side. This improvement adds two belfries. Adjacent to the main church, two chapels exists. On the right side the chapel of St. George and on the left side the chapel of St. Demetrious. The elaborate icon of ?' Neas Kyras ?, dated around the 14nth century, is especially worth noted. It is a part of the holy templon ( proskinitari ) of the St. Demetrius chapel. The icon of the Virgin ? Odigitria ? (16nth century), beautifully modeled can be viewed at the same chapel. Relics of ancient columns, together with a marble fountain, can be found around the yard of the church.